Ambient circles

Posted on February 26, 2012

I am so bored

I spent most of my reading break on reddit -__-  that counts as reading, right?
Still have a lot of hw, which explains why I’m finally updating! HAI GUISE DID YOU MISS ME
No one reads this except for me ):
Anyway, found something really cool. From the same guy who created Otomata, he brings us Circuli – words cannot describe this neat musical gadget thing. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Computer science + music = awesomeness.

Lalala. Went bowling with friends today. Clapped politely when they hit spares and strikes while I struggled with my bowling style. I swear the bowling ball had a mind of its own – does the opposite of what I want every time D: At least it didn’t land on the adjacent lane like what this kid managed to do…
………. see you’re supposed to aim for the pins on your OWN lane
Ok hw time.

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